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So your website has just been completed, let's upload it and watch it go? There is a saying, "What's well begun, is half done." Designing the web site is a great start, but that is all it is, a start. Maintaining your website is just as important as the design and content of the site, irrespective if you take care of the website maintenance, or bring in a web site maintenance company to maintain your site for you.

Maintaining Fresh Content Through Website Maintenance

When you buy a magazine, once you have read it, what do you do with it? You throw it out, or at best pass it to a friend. The reason is that the content will never change. Part of maintaining your website is updating it with fresh content. With static content, the user sees your web site, tells their friend and never comes back. The friend then looks, tells their friend and never comes back. By maintaining your website, your website changes regularly, the user will tell his friend, but also return to your website themselves for updates, and this helps in building a client base.

Website maintenance agreement

The main problem with website maintenance is that often people pay for their website to be designed, because they do not have the skills to design it themselves. This means that they cannot maintain the web site that has been designed for them by a professional. The best way to tackle the problem of maintaining your website, is got get a good website maintenance agreement within your web design package, or find another web design company that can maintain your website for you.

Content Management System

Another route to website maintenance is to get a CMS (Content Management System) built by your web designer. This would allow you to add and remove web pages and edit your pages through an administration panel. Designed well, a content management system can still incorporate a good visual design onto your site and still be search engine friendly as well as allowing you to maintain your website yourself and update your own content when relevant.

Website Maintenance with an HTML Editor

The last way is to get trained in an HTML editor yourself and do your own website maintenance. HTML editors can edit the code that the web designer put in place, but shows you the view of the user as you edit. Some people have the ability to update already written code, but have trouble designing their website from scratch. This would give you more freedom to make the updates when you want to make them.

Website Promotion

Another way of maintaining your website is promoting your website. Without website promotion, no one is going to visit your site as no-one will know it exists. Although Kenkai are experts in search engine optimization and build every site to be search engine friendly, the majority of web designers have very little expertise in the field of search engine optimization. SEO is an integral part of running a successful website, as more and more consumers are relying on search engines to find the products and services they require.

Even with search engine optimization built with or into your site you still need to maintain it. When keywords are doing well, but not well enough, your website needs to be tweaked. When search engines change their algorithm, your site may need tweaked. When people delete their reciprocal links with you, you will need another one added. Without SEO expertise, maintaining your website is a difficult and thankless task.

The only solution to this problem, short of becoming an expert, is to get a good maintenance package with your search engine optimization provider.

You will need to plan your website maintenance along with your web design and web copy. Remember, there will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the new beginning.

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Managing and maintaining your website is just as important as the design and content of the site. If you don't update your content and continually tweak and target your keywords, not only will your visitors lose interest - Google, Yahoo and Bing will lose interest too!

The Kenkai Team are experts at tweaking, managing and maintaining websites, offering a wide range of maintenance contracts to suit almost every budget.