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The web page title tag is one of the most important pieces of content on your website. When writing your website title tags, always remember that you are not only trying to appeal to search engines and directories, your page title tag is what potential customers will see in your search engine listing. Having your web title tags choked full of keywords may help your search engine positions but if it doesn't make sense then less potential customers will visit your site.

Focusing Page Title Tags for Search Engines

The title tag of your website page is the first piece of content that a search engine reads when it's compiling search results. The engines will always give preference to pages with specific keywords in their page titles. This makes it very important that when you insert keywords into your title tags, you must try to use words or terms that your potential customers will be searching for.

This is an example of an optimised title tag, which has been optimised to rank well on the search engines: 

<title>Website title tag - optimised title tags - focusing web page titles</title> 

This page title is not only full of keywords but it lets the customers see, at a glance, exactly what the content of the page is about.

Repeating Words in Title Tags

Some SEO experts will tell you that it is not advisable to enter a word in your title tag more than once, as it reduces your chances of gaining top positions.

In our opinion, and in our experience, this is simply not true. it is acceptable to have the same word in your title tag two or three times, they just shouldn't be right next to each other in the title tag..

For example:

<title>Title tag - optimised title tags - tags for page title</title> 

The title tag above is not laid out correctly as "tags" is repeated with no other words in between. This web title tag could be laid out using almost the same words and keyphrases but by switching them around, it becomes a much more acceptable title tag.

This is how the title tag should look:

<title>Title tags - page title tag - optimised title tags</title> 

Important - (if you read nothing else, read this)

Title tags are important to your search engine ranking, but the page title must be on- focus with the content of the page. There is no point wasting valuable space when writing a title tag, using words that do not appear in the page's content.

There is obviously a lot more to know about web page title tags; where to put your key phrase in the tag, which words to repeat, the maximum and minimum length of title tag to use, keyword density in the tag and in the page content, where to place the word with the least density in the on page content, etc - but we have to keep some secrets regarding web page title tags to ourselves.....

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