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To find out more about the four spider-friendly, kContent content management products that Kenkai offers, click on the individual products featured to the side of the page. However, for those that are unsure what a Website Content Management System is and if they need one, here is a brief explanation:

Most of the websites on the World Wide Web are not built inside a content management system, (CMS). The majority of websites are “flat” sites controlled by a webmaster, or web designer, using website authoring software, and uploading and downloading files to the host server using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). A website, coded within a content management system, has its own inbuilt authoring software and saves the information on a database, dynamically displayed through a template system, eliminating the need for FTP and client side web authoring software.

Flat Sites v Content Managed Sites

Traditionally, flat sites, written in non-dynamic HTML or PHP, are more spider friendly than off-the-shelf content management systems, very few of which are written with a view to appearing on the front pages of the search engines – or in many cases – appearing anywhere on the search engines.

Bespoke content management systems can fair better on the search engines, if the web designer designs the CMS with SEO in mind, but sadly, in our experience, even the majority of bespoke content managed websites, are not written with search engine optimisation in mind and they tend to be expensive in the extreme.

kContent CMS

That’s where the Kenkai team step into the breach! We have developed a fully spider-friendly content management system, which is not only simple to use, with the functionality that you need, but also allows you fully optimise each of the pages on your website. When a search engine spider visits a kContent CMS solution, it treats each page as a flat page, not dynamically driven, allowing the content and head tags to be fully indexed and for the targeted search phrases to achieve worthwhile search engine rankings - and the good thing is - we don't charge extra for the CMS system - we only charge for the website!

kContent Content Management Systems

There are 4 kContent packages to choose from. To see a selection of features that appear in all packages, click here.

Below you can see a comparison table of each of the packages and what is included. You can also click on the package's name to get a full break down of what each of the items are.

  Solo Start Business Pro
Pages 1 3 8 Unlimited
Email Addresses 3 5 10 Unlimited
Contact Forms 1 1 2 Unlimited
Photo Gallery      
2 years .co.uk Domain
1 Year Free Hosting
Initial Optimisation
Kenkai Live Edit
Navigation System
Analytics Installed
Bespoke Web Design
W3C Compliancy
Worldwide Access

Contact us today for more information, or to place and order, on 0131 208 2038We don’t bite and we speak regular English, not tech-speak or business gobbledegook! - so contact us today, or email us on info@kenkai.com  - you won't regret it.

Website Hosting and Domain Name Registration

Kenkai offers FREE website hosting for one year, on our kContent products and we also supply a domain name with a FREE .co.uk TLD for two years with each kContent CMS. 

Currently, standard hosting costs £69 plus VAT per annum and a .co.uk domain name in the region of £7.50 to £18 plus VAT.   

kContentSearch Engine Friendly Content Management System

Every website that the Kenkai Team designs, is developed inside our easily affordable proprietary content management solution, kContent - even if all you want is a one page website!

We supply our optimised CMS websites at the same affordable cost as a flat, non-optimised site, allowing our clients to easily make changes, add pages, images, etc to their own site, without any HTML knowledge at all!

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