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Online SEO Tool 1 - Alexa Rating Check

The Alexa rating gives an indication of how busy your site is, and ranks it compared to all other sites on the web. It can be compared a football league table, a rating of 1 is better than a rating of 5. However, do not expect to be number 1 unless you are yahoo, Microsoft, etc. It is very difficult to decide what is a good score, and should be compared with other sites in your line of business.

Please note: The Alexa rating gets counted as someone comes onto your site with an Alexa Toolbar installed on their system. This can be fixed, by entering the site over and over, so be aware that Alexa Ratings should be used as an indicator of improvement, rather than a 100% accurate figure of how popular your site is, compared to others on the web.

Online SEO Tool 2 - DMOZ Listing Check

DMOZ is the main directory that feeds a number of the top search engines' directory listings. It is advised that your site is listed with DMOZ although it can take months to be listed. If your website isn't listed, it may not just be that you or your SEO Campaign manager hasn't tried to have your website listed in DMOZ. As each category is edited by volunteers, you may be looking to be listed in a DMOZ category that either doesn't have an editor, or where the editor doesn't update regularly.

Online SEO Tool 3 - Keyword Density Check

Keyword density refers to the amount of times that you keyword or keyphrase is mentioned on you page. This online Search engine optimisation tool lets you see the amount of times your keywords or keyphrases are in the title of the page, code of the body, text of the body, code of the whole page, text of the whole page and a percentage of the keyword verses the text in the body. This clever online tool then splits your keyphrase into individual keywords and analysis those as well.

Online SEO Tool 4 - Link Popularity Check

Link popularity is the number of websites that are linking to your web site. This has a direct affect on your traffic, as not only does it bring in the chance of traffic from each link, it also allows the spiders to follow those links to your site. The more times a spider hits your site, the more it classes your website as relevant. This online link popularity check tool looks at what the top search engines see as qualified links for you.

Online SEO Tool 5 - Page Header Check

This SEO tool shows you the header response from your page. Our online Page Header checker tool includes the information on the response itself, (i.e. 200 ok, 404, etc). Last date the page was modified. The content type and the last time the page was cached on (If held in the current Google index).

Online SEO Tool 6 - Search Engine View

Search engines do not view your web page the same as your users do. This online search engine optimisation tool shows you our interpretation of what the search engine can see.

Online SEO Tool 7 - Server Information

This online SEO tool takes your domain and finds out the server IP, server location, host and server type. The most interesting of which Is the server location. In a recent update of the Google algorithm, it appears that the results for the country specific Google search engines (e.g. the for United Kingdom or .it for Italy ) are only showing pages from servers based within that country, unless they have a country specific extension, ( ie,

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Kenkai has put together 7 free website search engine optimisation tools (SEO tools) to help you analyse your website. The online SEO tools are ideal to check your site prior to search engine optimisation being carried out on your website, to guage how much SEO is required, or after a search engine optimisation project has been completed, to compare your site both post and ante SEO.