Search Engine Optimisation Guarantee

New Website Design

Where new website design work is undertaken, without Search Engine Optimisation being specifically quoted for and offered in a written, timed guarantee, no search engine positions can be guaranteed.

Where design or re-design and optimisation take place at the same time and a search engine optimisation project is agreed between Kenkai Projects Ltd and the client, the search engine optimisation part of the contract will be deemed to be 30% of the overall contract, as long as the website features 9 or more content pages.

In the case of websites with less than 9 content pages, the Page Title, Meta Description Tag and on-page content will be optimised for agreed keyterms, although no timed guarantee can be offered with regards to search engine positions.

Website Redesign and Search Engine Optimisation

When a specific redesign or search engine optimisation contract is taken out with Kenkai Projects Ltd, on the client's existing website, we guarantee that the key search phrases agreed will feature on the front page of at least one of the UK searches of, or, within a set period, (usually 6 weeks to 6 months for an existing website and 6 weeks to 12 months for a brand new website).

In the unlikely event that the terms do not appear on the front page of the UK searches of at least one of the top search engines,, or, within the guaranteed period, we will either continue to tweak the pages, on the clients behalf, at no further cost, or refund 5% of the total contract value that is apportioned to optimisation, for each keyword, to a maximum of 15 keywords, that don't reach the agreed position within the agreed time-frame.

For example, if the contract value of an optimisation project, with no redesign or coding element, was £2000 and three agreed keyphrases, of 15 targeted keyphrases, failed to reach the first page of the UK searches of at least one of the search engines;, or, within six months (given that 6 weeks - 6 months had been the quote on this occasion), we would refund £300 to the client. (5% for each keyphrase agreed).

In optimising a website for agreed keyphrases, many other phrases are optimised for and many other search engines will feature your site, but for the purposes of judging the success of the guarantee, we use the top three UK search engines, as listed above.

The specific details of the guarantee can be put in writing and agreed with the client, prior to the initial invoice being issued. Due to the nature of the search engine optimisation agreement, clients should ensure that the agreement with Kenkai Projects Ltd is in place and that a copy of the agreement is held on file, and produced, should the client wish to make a refund claim at a later stage. No refund will be made unless a copy of the original guarantee is produced at the time of any claim. Any guarantee comes into effect once the invoice for services provided by Kenkai Projects Ltd has been paid in full. If any part of the invoice remains unpaid, for any reason, no valid guarantee will be seen to be in place until full payment has been made.

Should the client be unable to produce their search engine optimisation guarantee, any agreed search terms that have failed to reach the agreed positions in at least one of the three search engines mentioned above, will continue to be tweaked until they have achieved the agreed positions, at no further cost to the customer.

Should the client, without Kenkai Projects Ltd's knowledge, alter the original design, on-page content or head tags, following optimisation and within the guarantee period, the guarantee is considered to be null and void.

Once an invoice has been sent by Kenkai Projects Ltd to the client and the client pays a deposit to Kenkai Projects Ltd, the client is deemed to have agreed to the terms of this Guarantee.