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Ethical search engine positioning or as it is also known, search engine optimisation, search engine ranking or search engine placement, can be described as improving a websites ranking on the search engines. Improving a website's search engine ranking should, in turn, attract more visitors to the company website, which in turn should lead to increased business.

In fact, in many cases, the lack of good search engine positioning or search engine optimisation is costing companies more each year in lost revenue, than it would cost for a single SEO campaign.

Search Engine Positioning can be split into three main areas:

  • Optimisation of the source code that runs the website page.
  • Optimisation of the text content of the web page.
  • Off-page website optimisation, such as running a link campaign to increase the relevance of the website to the search engines.

By combining two or three of these areas of ethical search engine positioning, your website will attract:

  • more visitors
  • more enquiries
  • more sales

Do-it-yourself SEO

So why use a search engine optimisation company to optimise your site? Why not simply optimise it yourself? SEO can't be that hard - can it?

The SEO techniques used by the search engine optimisation experts at Kenkai to improve the ranking of a website on the SERPS (search engine results pages), can be learned, but there is so much mis-information on the world wide web, how do you know what works and what doesn't? There are all kinds of unethical SEO techniques out there that could end up getting your site penalised, or even barred from the search engines - is it worth the risk?

Why Ethical Search Engine Positioning ?

We only use ethical search engine positioning techniques, here at Kenkai. When we optimise a page, it stays optimised. We don't use cloaking, doorway pages, micro sites, keyword stuffing, hidden text, external landing pages, link farms, temporary bought links, or spam of any kind.

Unethical Search Engine Optimisation Techniques

Hiring a search engine positioning company that uses such unethical SEO techniques may well get you short term results, but it can take months, if not years, to recover from a penalty or a ban, if any of these unethical SEO techniques are discovered by the search engines and you can bet your bottom dollar that your competitors will not hold back from reporting any unethical SEO techniques that you chose to adopt.

Search Engine Registration

Simply having a website and filling in the search engine registration forms won't get you anywhere. Having the prettiest site in the world wont give any ROI if the site can't be found. If you are serious about making money from your website, you should be having your site optimised for the search engines now. Search engine positioning and search engine optimisation works. It brings results.

It is generally held to be the case that 82% to 90% of people on the net, use search engines to source products and / or services. It is also the case, that the higher that your website page is listed in the SERPS, the more likely you are to be found. Surfers rarely move beyond the third page of any search engine, so even if you are ranked in the top 100 for a term for which there are over a million competing pages, you won't see much ROI, if you are not in the top 30 and preferably in the top ten.

If someone is actively searching for a product or service on the internet, they have to be considered as a potential customer. It's like somebody walking through the doors of a shopping mall with a pen and a cheque book in their hand. Ethical search engine optimisation and ethical website positioning can optimize your chances of attracting these customers

Find out how a search engine positioning project can help your business. Whether you have a website already, or you are looking for search engine friendly website design, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

As business people ourselves, we understand that your website design must work for you. You require a good ROI (Return on Investment). It must bring in new business, service your existing customers and assist you in managing all of the aforementioned. To achieve this, internet users must be able to locate your site easily and when they get there, enjoy the experience. Your web site must be Search engine friendly. We can do this for you!

If you have a website that just isn't gaining you a good ROI? Contact us immediately!

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Having a website that is not  optimised is like blowing your entire advertising budget on a cutting edge TV commercial and not letting anyone see it!
fall into the trap of having a great looking web site that nobody ever finds! - Invest is a quality website that is optimised during development and ensure you achieve a good ROI!