kContent Start - three page website

Below is a list of what you get with the kContent Start package. To view a list of features included as standard in all kContent Packages, click here.


The site will be supplied with a Home Page and three information pages, (together with a Contact Page, Resources Page and Site Map Page, which come as standard with each kContent solution).

5 Email Addresses

We will create up to 5 email addresses for you.

Contact Form

A contact form containing up to ten fields of your choice, will be added to the contact page.

FREE .co.uk domain for 2 years

We can supply a FREE .co.uk domain name for use on the site. You can, however, choose to purchase a domain name with a different domain extension, (.com, .net, etc) or we can use a domain name that the client already owns.


Free hosting for 1 year. The cost from year two is only £79.95 per annum (plus VAT)

Initial Optimisation

Your supplied content will be optimised for 6 to 8 geo-targeted search terms. For example: if you are a plumber in Leatherhead, the site will be optimised for between 6 and 8 search terms such as Leatherhead plumber, plumber in Leatherhead, plumber Leatherhead, emergency plumber Leatherhead, Leatherhead emergency plumber, heating engineer in Leatherhead, Corgi engineer in Leatherhead, etc. Without optimisation, a website is only a brochure that few people will ever see. With optimisation, it can give you a return on investment; again and again!

Content Management System

The kContent Start CMS allows you to make changes to the content on the site. Page Titles, Meta descriptions, H tags and Alt tags, are all easy to change using the kContent WYSIWYG editor.  


The kContent Start CMS system comes with the navigation already in place, laid out according to the design. The website design can feature, top, left or footer navigation or a combination of these.


Google analytics will be installed on each page of your website, giving you accurate stats and insight into their website traffic flow on a daily basis.

Bespoke Graphic Design

We do not use standard templates – we design each website to your requirements.

W3C Compliancy

The kContent Start system creates only w3c compliant source code and CSS files.

Multi-browser capability

The system creates pages that can be viewed by all compliant browsers on any platform.

Worldwide Access

The Start kContent content management system is written in PHP and uses a secure mySQL database. It is fully password protected and can be accessed, via a web browser, from anywhere in the world.


To share in the success of others on a kContent system, or for more information, contact us now on 0131 208 2038, or by email at info@kenkai.com, or through the contact form

kContentkContent Start Search Engine Friendly CMS

The spider-friendly kContent Start CMS is an innovative and robust professional website content management system package, packed full of unique, easy-to-use features.

We supply the optimised kContent Start CMS at the same affordable cost as a flat, non-optimised site of the same size, allowing our clients to easily make changes to content, images, etc to their own site, without any HTML knowledge at all!

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