kContent Spider Friendly CMS Features

kContentIn the past ten years, we have developed over 700 content management systems, flat websites and a whole host of web sites that fall somewhere in-between the two. A combination of that experience and invaluable customer feedback, has helped us to create our search engine friendly and user friendly CMS - content management system - kContent v3.

What's included in the kContent CMS

Search Engine Friendliness

Probably one of the most important features of the kContent Content Management System is that it is 100% search engine friendly. There are many CMS packages out there that cover one small aspect of SEO and claim it is search engine friendly, but we have yet to find an another affordable CMS that is fully designed with search engine optimisation in mind.

SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation), has been at the core of our business for ten years, so you can be confident that we have forced every ounce of search engine friendliness into kContent V3.

All Page Titles and Description Meta Tags can be individually tailored for each individual page, each with hints on how to write them using Kenkai's winning formula.

The URLs, (page name addresses), are also search engine spider friendly. On most ecommerce solutions, even the solutions that claim to be search engine friendly, you get URLs like page.php?pid=1&cat=23, (and that is a shorter version than most). At best you might get page-p-1-c-23.html or page/p1/c23/.

kCommerce URL Examples

This isn't conducive to achieving high rankings in the search engines. In most search engine algorithms, keywords in the URL can help and long URLs with question marks, numbers, equal-signs and product IDs can hinder progress in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Therefore, kContent makes sure that you give the pages unique URLs, based on the page you are working on, rather than an id number, as per the second example shown above.

User Friendly Content Management System

kCommerce List PagesOften, with other CMS solutions the admin are is written for people with HTML experience, or require a knowledge of FTP, to allow you to upload images, etc. This is not the case with the kContent CMS. User-friendly features include a help button on each individual input field on the administration panel and an intuitive drag and drop system for link systems.

Search and Order

The Modify Page section of the administration has an easy to use search and order ability.  This is naturally split into pages of 20, as on some websites there are thousands of pages, which led to a single page take minutes to load, and finding and editing a page could prove to be a a lengthy job.

In kContent CMS system, you can simply search for your page and/or change the order of the list. For example you can change the order from newest first to oldest first, by a single click.

Navigation Systems

kContent - Navigation SystemThe navigation systems are written in the easy to use drag and drop system. Simply search for the page,  drag it from left to right and drop it where you want it to appear in the list. There is also an external link function and where the design allows, an easy sub-menu function for drop-downs.

The navigation systems function had been made to make it simple for you to add to, delete from and even re-order the website navigation yourself.

It also allows you to easily include navigation links to external websites.

User Management

In the kContent v3 CMS, you can add as many users as you want. Each user has their own username and password, so you can see who has been working on which pages of the website at any time.

Another advantage to kContent user system, unlike previous CMS systems that we have developed, where you could only add users to have access to all or nothing, you can grant specific permissions to each user, allowing them to add, edit, delete or view sections of the site individually.

The Packages

We offer various CMS solutions, which are geared to suit almost every budget. To view what is included with each package, simply click on the relevant link below.

kContent Solo       kContent Start      kContent Business      kContent Pro


To share in the success of others on a kContent system, or for more information, contact us now on 0131 208 2038, or by email at info@kenkai.com, or through the contact form

kContentkContent CMS Features

Every website that the Kenkai Team designs, is developed inside our easily affordable content management solution, kContent - even if all you want is a one page website!

You can go to our kContent Solo page, kContent Start page, kContent Business page and kContent Pro page to see what you get in each package, however, below is a list of features that are native to all kContent CMS packages.