Web Site Design Consultation UK

The start of a new web design or search engine optimisation project generally begins with you, our potential client, emailing us. A member of the Kenkai web design team will either email a reply, or telephone you, depending on your preferred method of contact. Following this we will arrange a time for a free, no obligation consultation. This is usually in the form of a ten to twenty minute telephone conversation.

Key Steps to successful web site design

There are a few key steps to consider before building a first class web site. These steps actually precede working with a web designer. The steps aren't difficult, but are important in the process of putting a site together. Kenkai can help you with this process.

First, we must decide why your business needs a web site and the audience it hopes to attract. With the number of internet users at over 70,000,000 strong and growing, your business cannot really afford not to have a website, but it must be aimed at the correct consumer audience.

You need to set the goals of your web site. Do you wish to sell products or a service online, is or is it's main purpose to offer information, or customer support?

We must also determine what topics or information your web site should contain. This could be product information, contact information, a searchable database, special pricing, pages of photographs or frequently asked questions. What will appeal to your target audience?

You may want to assign a webmaster to oversee the project. This should be someone within your company who can work to gather information and ideas, not only at the beginning of the project but on an ongoing basis. They need not be an expert on the internet but must know your business. This person becomes the primary contact between your company and your Red Circle web site designer.

Once you have completed this process you will have a clear and feasible plan for your web site project. We will provide you with a design proposal / agreement. This includes an easy-to-understand breakdown of the web site design, as well as detailed costings.